Book a Restaurant Reservation From Car



When on a trip, have a restaurant reservation option for restaurants at the next Supercharger. It would have your name and phone already loaded and have a close estimate of arrival time filled in. It would only be necessary to state how many are in the group.

As a bonus, have an option to show each restaurant’s menu, for restaurant selection and to think of what to order for the meal.


This would require some kind of vehicle to restaurant to communication, perhaps via a dedicated API/application to provide to restaurants just like LaFourchette (France) or like OpenTable (USA) and others do.

All superchargers don’t have a restaurant linked to them, but many of them are installed in the parking lot of a hotel with a restaurant.

The idea came right before I visited the Macon Supercharger’s hotel in France. it is currently the most used supercharger in Europe, and work is currently done to install 18 more (supercharger v3) stalls in the parking lot. The Restaurant is not so easy to scale up and widely used by tesla’s owners, so this would be great to book a table before directly from the car without having to search for a telephone number.



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     Created 12-Jun-2018