In Car Charger for Boosted Board



Why not put the (a battery powered skate-board) into the trunk compartment as an alternative option opposed to the child seats (or in the future maybe even in the passenger doors). Would be very neat if the board is charged along with the car battery charging (probably no need to charge when off-grid).

This would allow to park the car anywhere a few miles away from your destination and still arrive relaxed.

See also their kickstarter video:


Opel had a concept car which was carrying a Segway in the trunk. But since the Segways are way more expensive than the boostedboards, it’s probably not mass market viable. Also, the Segway can’t be easily carried in public transport or indoors.


Not planned to be integrated. (Even though one of the former Tesla employees is a mentor for Boosted Boards.)

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     Created 6-Mar-2014