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Offer options for how the half-press blinker works (for vehicles with stalks).  Include 3-flashes and cancel.


I want an option where there is no “3-blink” so a half-press is always interpreted as a “cancel signal”.  That said, I still want a half-press to bring up the repeater camera view.

I often want to signal left immediately after making a right turn.  But I always have to push the stalk down twice for it to let me (even though I’m pressing down all the way).  I think there’s some conflict with the software logic that cancels the blinking when the steering wheel straightens.

Also, I find that the straightening of the wheel to cancel the signal requires the wheel to be too straight.  IE, on bending roads it doesn’t trigger.  The way to fix this is to look at the number of decrees that the steering wheel has straightened, rather than the absolute position of the steering wheel… IE, from 90 degrees to 45 degrees is 45 degrees of straightening, which is lots.  I shouldn’t have to straighten all the way from 90 to 0.

My 1999 Accord did it right on all counts.



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     Created 30-May-2023

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One thing they should definitely change, is that pushing the stalk all the way should NEVER be interpreted as a cancelation, but always as a command to signal in that direction. Only half-presses should be interpreted as a cancelation (if the blinker was on). It drives me nuts that the car refuses to signal even though I'm pressing the stalk all the way for several seconds, and I have to let it go and press it again.
    Created 1-Jan-2024