Blind Spot Warning


Now Implemented!


When driving and a vehicle appears in the left or right blind spot, provide a visual indicator, perhaps in the mirrors. When changing lanes, also provide an audible warning if it might run into another vehicle.


Available as an option on a number of cars, this would be a nice to have feature for some drivers. On a 2013 Mercedes-Benz GLK, the package with Blind spot assist and Lane-keeping assist costs $850.


Standard on all current cars. Operates when the blinker is activated and shown on the display.  Not available on vehicles made before October 2016.

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     Created 2-Dec-2012


Agreed that it's not really implemented.  Plenty of times there's a car sitting next to me and the detector shows nothing on the dash, or when it does, it's barely noticeable.  And yes the MS has huge blind spots compared to most sedans.  While you can get close with proper mirror adjustments, they only work in perfect situations like straight roads and large cars.  Motorcycles and Miata's can easily hide in a Tesla (and many other cars') blind spot, or when on a curved road.  Or at night when you can only see headlights and not the full car.  My wife has this on her 2016 Highlander and it's very useful.  Plus it has a warning chime if you put your turn signal on when it's not safe to change lanes - something Tesla could easily add since it has to know this anyway for auto-lane change to work when on EAP.
    Created 15-Sep-2018
Good Thing as standard desired
    Created 4-Sep-2018
"Warning Arcs" doesn' provide enough "warning". FLASHING lights on left and right side of dashboard would be better.
    Created 1-Sep-2018
I think that you need to retract your position that it is implemented, it certainly is not compared to other cars.
    Created 27-May-2018
The most glaring problem with the Tesla, (which is by far and away the best vehicle that i have owned), is the the terrible blind spot solution indicator, especially, with a hatchback car w a big blind spot. Already had one accident and avoided several others at last second.
As much as i love this 2016 Tesla model S, I will not buy another Tesla unless they fix the blind spot indicator and put it into the rear view mirrors and a sound warning if try to move into a lane with a car present.
    Created 8-Jan-2018
The way it is implemented in 6.2 is way to subtle. I also don't usually stare at the instrument cluster when navigating traffic.
    Created 2-Oct-2015
Implemented in 6.2 if you have the newer model with the sensors.
    Created 31-Mar-2015
I believe that blind spot monitoring is one of the most useful safety features on a car.  Yes, while you can rely on your peripheral vision to aid in this task, a vehicle system designed exclusively for this task is much better and it is more consistent.  While the MS most likely has a small blind spot (unlike a Chevy Camaro), I still find the feature extremely useful.

I will not receive the actual car until December but I did take a full test drive before ordering.
    Created 28-Sep-2014
Most people set their mirrors incorrectly, with huge areas of overlapping viewing angles between the rearview and the two side mirrors; but set properly, there are no ‘blind spots.’ Many websites illustrate various techniques for achieving optimal mirror angles. But consider this: why should you set three different mirrors to show you essentially the same view—all basically straight behind you?

Set your outside mirrors to a much wider angle so that overtaking cars start to disappear from your rear view, just as they start to appear in your relevant side view mirror. Now you can see into the area most people call, the ‘blind spot.’ (…and once a car has moved yet farther, it will be easily seen in your peripheral vision.)
    Created 5-Aug-2014
I just had the folded mirrors (retrofit) installed, and it seems that it physically would be possible to have this feature added.
    Created 4-May-2014
I leave the camera view on to help with blind spot visibility, it is not perfect but has helped on quite a few occasions.
    Created 4-May-2014
My wife's GMC Acadia has this feature.

One would think a car costing twice as much should have it too.
    Created 31-Dec-2013
I consider this an essential modern safety feature and was surprised that it wasn't available
    Created 31-Dec-2013
Most likely in future Model S:
    Created 18-May-2013
    Created 26-Mar-2013
More and more cars come with this - I have '09 Dodge minivan with this and once you have it you don't know how you lived without it.
    Created 4-Feb-2013
We are not Tesla Motors so you may want to direct your comments directly to Tesla Motors. We have no say in what they design or how they set pricing.

TeslaTap only providing a means to identify features that Tesla owners and fans want in the future. The Model-S comes with a ton of features not found in any other car. I'm sure it was very hard for Tesla Motors , or any car manufacture for that matter to decide which features to include and at what price.  I'm guessing less than 10% of the new cars sold today have a Blind Spot Warning system.
    Created 8-Jan-2013
Again, if you want the Model S to be priceable and treated as a premium product, give us the same features other premium (and not so premium) products have -- and this is one of them.
    Created 6-Jan-2013