Blind Spot Alert when Turn Signal Used



When a driver activates the turn signal before changing lanes, an audible alert could indicate whether or not it is safe to change lanes.


It is nice that my Model 3 has a loud, blaring alert if I start to move into an obstructed area, but I’d rather get an alert before I start to change the lane.

In such situations, the screen turns the obstruction and lane line to red, but I am not always looking at the screen when planning a lane change. The audible alert can be synced to the same instructions that change the screen colors

I realize a driver approaching or stopped at an intersection to make a turn might then get the alert if there are vehicles or barriers to their side, but a driver will recognize this situation and ignore the audible alert That said, the alert should not be blaring. The driver would get the blaring noise if they ignore the turn signal alert and proceeded to initiate a move into the obstructed lane.



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     Created 23-Apr-2019

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A possible solution would be to display the side camera on the side of the turn signal showing the driver the blind spot.
    Created 1-Jun-2019