Bike Rack Recognition



Offer a bike rack that doesn’t interfere with the rear camera or ultrasonic sensors. Also offer an override option that for third-party racks, turns off or limits the backup warnings.


Putting a bike rack on my Model X, like every other car on the market, causes a back up warning of an obstacle.

I wonder how a bike rack with or without bikes interferes with autopilot in general.



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     Created 8-Jun-2019


On my X when backing up I hear the the alert something is behind me like every other car I have owned.ido not know if it interferes with advanced autopilot.
    Created 2-Jul-2019
I drive my Model 3 with 2 bikes on a platform bike rack installed in a Stealth EcoHitch. It doesn't seem to interfere with enhanced autopilot at all.
    Created 2-Jul-2019
I'd love to see some kind of Tesla approved bike rack option, even if from a 3rd party.
    Created 1-Jul-2019