Larger Automatic Hold Indicator



Provide a larger automatic hold “H” indicator.


The “H” indicating automatic hold is small and sometimes behind the steering wheel. I realize there are other clues, such as the brake light simulation, but it would be even better to have a large, quite large, red “H” just to the right of the car image.

Brake Hold is a very nice feature that should be explained to new owners at delivery time. This explanation would have saved us one expensive roll-back at a slanted Starbucks, when motor creep did not hold the car like our previous (gas) car.



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     Created 5-May-2017


Yes, in its present location the "H" can be difficult to see!
    Created 1-Jul-2018
This is a good idea.  Perhaps relocate it slightly....right under the autosteer indicator.
    Created 4-Sep-2017
Perhaps show the "(H)" in place of the "O" in the speed display when brake hold is  engaged
    Created 1-Jul-2017
The other day I found that the "Brake Hold" feature does not stay on forever at least on my 2015 Model S.  It was an extended wait an a level intersection and after some amount of time my vehicle started creeping forward without any warning.  It was a good thing I was paying attention because there was no audio beep and as you all know Tesla's are quiet and roll really silently so again I was lucky I was paying attention.  I just wanted to pass this on in case this feature is actually designed to work like this.
    Created 1-Jun-2017