Deactivate Phone Key Temporarily




Have an option both in the car and on the phone to allow disabling the use of the phone key (so only key card usable). Ideally, it might be a timed option, so you can set how long it is disabled.


When I work out or do certain things I tend to leave my phone hidden in the car. This has some obvious issues as leaving it in the car leaves it unlocked, because the key is in the car.

It would be great to have a simple button that will deactivate the key for a certain amount of time or until it’s reactivated when the phone is in the car instead of having to disable the Bluetooth that may have other devices connected to it.


Seems disabling the phone’s Bluetooth solves the issue. If the phone is to be left in the car, there should be no need to use any other Bluetooth devices attached to the phone. With a reasonable solution for this use case, we’re going to consider this closed.

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     Created 9-Sep-2019

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just disable BT when you leave it in the car, you are not using it

and the other devices should be able to reconnect when you enable it again
    Created 3-Oct-2019