Battery Pack Degradation Indicator



Have an indicator of the estimated % degradation in battery pack capacity accessible from the main screen.


Lithium ion batteries can slowly lose capacity over time and usage. Many owners obsess over this and use various methods, probably not very accurate, to divine what is happening to their pack. Tesla is in the best position from the standpoint of the science behind this and software access to battery performance. An owner should be able to easily determine if the battery pack is behaving within normal limits or is experiencing an abnormally high loss of capacity. This would also be a available to Tesla via the vehicle’s log.

Competitively, it’s not clear any EVs currently offer such an option.



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     Created 4-Dec-2015


This will probably happen as more battery data is collected in the coming years.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
I would think that your predicted range on a full charge would be a good measure of the health of your battery.

The research done on the Roadster owners with 5+ year old batteries that were inferior technology to the Model S averaged less then 5% capacity loss. Considering an 8 year warranty on the battery maintaining 80% capacity, Maybe Model S owners should obsess about this less.

Also, now that the PowerWall has been announced, perhaps Tesla could arrange for "spent Model S" battery modules to be transferred to one's PowerWall in one's home.
    Created 1-Jan-2016
I know, I know, stop worrying and just drive it.
I see in allot of forums where owners are complaining about the P90D batteries (which has the silicone anodes?)
These packs are dropping on their range, so most posters are asking "What is your 80% - 90%?" The only issue I have with tracking my range is where do you set the charging to get 80% or 90%?
I have a slider with suggestive lines for the Daily and Trip. If I set the charger to any place outside of these markers, how do you really know that you have put it back in the exact spot?
I play with the slider till I get my 80% - 226 range, then start my checking. Then after we do a trip setting, I am never sure I have placed it back in the same place that I used to get my 80%. It almost always varies.
I would really like to have a numerical % setting. Then if it varies, you have exact proof to worry or brag
    Created 1-Jan-2016