Backing Up Beep!



Offer an option to audibly alert people behind the car that the car is backing up, similar to most trucks.


Good for households with kids or elderly that might be behind the car.



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     Created 31-Jan-2019


I, too, detest those backup alarms. However, they do serve a purpose but only add to noise pollution. A few backup beeps would be good, but flashing strobes would be a great addition, especially in parking garages.
    Created 5-Jun-2020
My apologies for any unfriendlyness. I did read it carefully. Could you explain why you would like to attend people more than the white backing-up lights? Should you not let anyone pass by before moving, then move yourself?
I believe those beepers are for lorry drivers who, in the age before camera's, could not guarantee they would not hit people suddenly appearing at the back of a truck.
Anyway, everyone entitled to their own ideas. I rather keep it a bit more peaceful quiet at the street, next to the supurb technical safety that Tesla already has.
    Created 9-Dec-2019
#1:  Why would I want anything dangling on my vehicle as an add-on??

#2:  Read carefully... this is for OTHERS to hear, not the driver.  People who don't read carefully scare me.
    Created 9-Dec-2019
2 Options

- 1 add a $5 beeper to the rear lights by that nice previous garage, long time no see!

- 2 you have distance detectors, a camera, mirrors, what more do you need, wow. take a walk around the car when uncomfortable, you scare me out.
    Created 3-Dec-2019
I'm ok with this if you can override or at least adjust volume levels. Typical Truck back up alerts are TOO LOUD - its not for me to hear inside the vehicle but for someone outside of the vehicle to hear - you won't be backing in traffic so other vehicles around you shouldn't be too loud to prevent hearing the alert as well.
    Created 2-Dec-2019