Back Seat Cup Holders


Now Implemented!


Offer cup holders for the rear seat passengers.


I have kids and I think it would be great if we could have some type of back seat cup holders for them. Just so they don’t have to lean to the front of the car to get their drinks. Does anybody know if Tesla is going to come out with something like this?

The Model X includes a pop-out set of two cup holders. For the Model S, Tesla used to offer a Rear Cup Holders option, although reviews were mixed. Tesla now offers a rear center console that has two cup holders. There are also third-party solutions available too.



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     Created 10-Jan-2014


Now that the center console is standard in the Model S, it is unclear whether the latest cars (last couple of weeks) have the cup holder in the rear or not.
    Created 28-Aug-2016
Put rear cup holders in the Model S.  Why bother having different consoles in the X and S?  This is a simple change for a big dissatisfier.
    Created 30-May-2016
I don't agree that this has been implemented - the console is far too expensive,  takes up the middle seat and put the drinks  exactly where an elbow is likely to clout them - just like the front holders.
    Created 26-Oct-2015
The rear needs real cupholders from the design team.
    Created 3-Jan-2015
What Techy said :)
    Created 2-Dec-2014
They need better cup holders front and rear.  The fronts are lovely, but hard to use when driving.  CCI helps.
    Created 2-Oct-2014
current implementation is so poor, its hard to believe that it came from Tesla.  I wouldn't call this implemented.  You might as well make a duct tape holder and stick it to the back seat.
    Created 3-Aug-2014
The next S redesign really needs to add true cup holders in the back. Their lack was a serious design mistake. There will be a major uproar if they aren't in the model X.
    Created 3-May-2014