Auxiliary Audio Input



Add an auxiliary audio input for legacy equipment.


Bluetooth is not capable of transmitting high-quality audio. An AUX audio input could be a basic and still very good option to solve this problem – independent of the manufacturer of your audio device.


  • You need to operate your gadget itself instead of using the Tesla screen (and/or buttons at the steering wheel)
  • You need to plug in cables (aux cable, possibly charging cable…)

Moderator:  The best choice is still USB with recordings in a lossless format such as FLAC which Tesla supports. This allows full touch screen controls, album art while retaining the highest quality sound. Even from a loss-less source, AUX inputs require extra D/A then A/D conversions which reduces the audio quality.



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     Created 22-Dec-2014


I have about 1600 CD's on 2 separate drives which my model 3 plays well.  Except for 1 really annoying issue: I wish there was not an audible gap between tracks; if you are listening to multi-movement classical pieces, or mixed dance material, it  can be really annoying.  I am sure Tesla could fix this issue with a software update but I don't have the time (and I do have a broken/dislocated finger) to search to see where these suggestions would go.  If anyone catches this comment and can forward it to the powers that be, it would be appreciated.  Thanks!
    Created 1-Apr-2021
I requested the list of supported digital file types, and found FLAC on that list.

I just loaded up a 250GB USB stick with all my favorites from my collection and bingo the Tesla reads that like  disk and I can use the Tesla Media controls to search select and play the music I have on the USB Stick. It  works fine with 16 bit, and 24 bit files. I'm quite happy with the results.

This is the list my contact at Tesla sent to me. I use FLAC, but this is a good list of the many file types the audio system can support.

MP3, OGG, OGA, FLAC, MPC, WV, SPX, TTA, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, 3G2,

    Created 4-May-2015