Autopilot Options for City vs. Highway



Offer a different set of Autopilot options when driving in the city vs. the highway.  For example, the following distance might be different, depending on owner preference.


In stop-and-go inner-city traffic, or speeds less than 50 mph, the option to allow a closer following. When speeds are more than 50 mph or detected on an interstate, then the following is extended. For example, low speed following setting = 1, high speed following setting = 4.

Same options for acceleration. Low speeds without traffic in front, higher acceleration rate to get up to speed. The autopilot is rather sluggish in a traffic light to traffic light city driving. For some reason, I remember the earlier software had a snappier acceleration setting.

I think having some personality/behavior options for different speed levels would be helpful.



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     Created 27-Jan-2022