Automatically Disable Sentry Mode During Update



When installing an update, have the update disable Sentry mode if not already disabled.


When an update is ready to be installed, I am instructed to disable sentry mode prior to being able to install the update. This means that I have to remember to re-enable sentry mode again once the update is complete. Sentry mode should be temporarily disabled automatically during an update. One option is, if sentry mode is enabled, to prompt that sentry mode will be temporarily unavailable while the update is installed. If the user agrees to this, then disable, update, enable. If a sentry mode is not properly re-enabled after install, this should be an error to the user.

Moderator: Few need this option, as most owners disable sentry mode automatically at home, where most updates occur. This does make sense for those that must street park.



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     Created 11-Jul-2020

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I think this is a great idea that shouldn't be hard to implement.
    Created 31-Jul-2020