Nav – Automatic Turn Indicators


Now Implemented!


When using navigation, and a turn is expected when following a navigation route, have the turn signal automatically activate (as an option). Should also turn off after the turn is complete.


Since the Model S does nearly everything for me (headlight high beams, automatic wipers, etc.) I have become very lazy.

This might, I suspect, automatically improve the level of courtesy shown by Tesla drivers to the benefit of all road users.


The Navigate on Autopilot signals when it does lane changes. Released around 2019.

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     Created 30-May-2017


Isn't this suggestion already implemented in "Navigate on Autopilot"? My Model 3 has definitely activated its turn signal and taken off-ramps all by itself, with no input from me whatsoever.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
I like the idea but the devil is in the details. How soon to turn them on is one more issue as different drivers have very different preferences/habits and this feature is sure to annoy almost everyone.

i dunno, maybe the car can learn from the driver’s habits.

Seems a bit early to elevate the priority on this one.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
When the proposed "self parking" and "self recovery" features come into use surely the cars will have to have automatic turn signaling included! I will wait until then.

    Created 4-Jun-2017
Signalling at the wrong moment, such as when someone is passing on the right or left of me, can be quite dangerous.
    Created 31-May-2017