Temporary Proximity Key Disable



If the proximity door unlock has been activated twice in less than 10 minutes without the door being opened, then disable unlocking by proximity key until the proximity key has not been detected for more than 10 minutes.


There are times when I’m working in my garage with my key in my pocket. Every time I walk by my car, it unlocks itself, unfolds the mirrors and extends the door handles. I might walk by twenty times over the course of an hour or two and it continues to annoy me and adds wear and tear on those components.



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     Created 15-May-2019


Same for me. This is really annoying.

Better still: enable a Semi-Passive Entry feature! The car would detect the fob (or card or phone) but only unlock the driver door or all doors (depending on user selection) if a door handle/latch is pressed/pulled (for the Model S, this setting would disable auto-presenting doors).

The above behaviour is what (some) other cars with keyless entry do: they detect the fob but only unlock the doors if someone actually tries to open one; they only then subsequently unfold the mirrors and turn on the lights, once the car is being opened.

So, basically; only fully awaken car IF (sequence):

  1. fob/card/phone presence detected + pressure detected on door/trunk actuators

  2. only then: flash all turn signals, unfold mirrors, turn on DLRs/headlights

    Created 19-Jul-2020
Great idea, if I trigger the door locks and don't open a door disable the system a user selectable time, but open if the handles are touched.
    Created 5-Oct-2019
As far as the mirrors, you can now set them to fold/remain folded based on geographical location, such as your garage.  Works great on MX; of course for an S it won't stop the door handles from presenting--though that could be added as a geographical-controlled feature as well.
    Created 2-Jul-2019
I put the key inside the car and the handles will retract and not come out unless I press them.
    Created 1-Jul-2019
You can leave the key in the car when you are going to be around the vehicle on and off, then the car stays unlocked but you have to push the handle for it to extend.
    Created 1-Jun-2019
Agree, it is annoying and unnecessarily exercises the system.  What about an option that shuts off proximity door unlock while in its garage?
    Created 1-Jun-2019
Same Here!
    Created 20-May-2019