GPS HomeLink Opening Option


Now Implemented!


Have an option to activate HomeLink when entering a GPS saved location.


Tesla cannot have a garage door HomeLink button activated automatically, because the garage may be open for some reason when you get home and start closing on you, but gates such as remotely triggered sub-division gates will not close when open when the HomeLink remote button is pushed.

It would be awesome if when setting up HomeLink you could select “garage” or “gate” on the screen. Those selected “gate” would automatically activate when you are at the correct GPS location, those labeled “garage” would require you to manually press them as you do now. That way when you get to programmed gates they would automatically be opening as you drive up to them.


Implemented with auto open and close with the 7.1 software release.

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     Created 3-Nov-2014


There are limited different systems, i.e.:

  • some signal to open and close

  • some have different signal to open and close

  • some have only a trigger to open and close after a while

Would be nice to be able to choose and then setup accordingly. So for the third example it would be possible to activate while approaching the location, without driver interaction. Same for leaving the garage which could open the door as soon as the car is turned on, until the geo zone is left.
    Created 3-Sep-2015
Problem if you get to far away the signal might not be enough to activate the door.
    Created 20-Jul-2015
Agreed. Though I would like the option to have it automatically open my garage also, as it is always closed when I leave.  As a matter of fact, It would be great to have it automatically close when I am X ft from the garage.  Though both options should be selectable.  Easy to program, as it is already geo aware since it brings up the button when I am 30 or so ft from the house.  Elon mentioned this functionality in the D presentation.
    Created 4-Nov-2014