Automatic Brake When Stopped


Now Implemented!


Press the brake once to engage the electric brake, so your foot does not need to remain on the brake pedal.


Moderator: This is a feature already available on the Lexus LS460 since 2007. It has a steering wheel button that must be pressed to start the feature. It is always disabled when first starting the car.


Now available with version 7.0 software with cars that have electric brakes. Some older cars are not supported.

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     Created 14-Sep-2014


This was definitely implemented in my most recent software update as of Nov 2019 for my Model S 2019 vehicle.    Regen is improved, and it now also includes a smooth transition to friction brakes as it nears full stop.  This holds the vehicle in a full stop without backsliding, even on slopes, without ever having applied the brake pedal.   We now essentially have one-pedal driving, (except for hard braking in emergencies).
    Created 17-Nov-2019
Are you sure this has been implemented? I don’t seem to have it on my 2013 S 85, or if I do I’ve no idea how to enable it.  The car does keep the brake on for a couple of seconds at a standstill, but it's not a complete solution - brake should stay on until accelerator pressed.
    Created 11-May-2019
If this has been implemented, how does it work?  I’d love to enable it.
    Created 31-Jan-2019
Status indicates this is now available with version 7.0 software. But I'm at version 9.0 and cannot use the harder push on the brake to lock them until the accelerator is pushed. Does this only apply to certain generations of vehicles? Mine is 2013.
    Created 4-Dec-2018
Brake hold is one of my favorite features on my Lexus LS460.  Once you get used to it, it is annoying to not have it.
    Created 6-Jun-2015
    Created 31-Mar-2015
My desired function would be the exact same as the Mercedes Benz HOLD function:

- creep mode is active

- break down to zero

- push the break pedal harder to activate HOLD function (otherwise creep mode is active)

- release with accelarator pedal


    Created 28-Mar-2015