Low Cost Charging via Solar



Offer the ability to automatically charge vehicles from Solar when the power costs are the lowest and the vehicle is plugged in.


For example, if there is excess solar power generation during the day, charge the car using the excess generation, with the PowerWall levelling out the peaks and valleys. Otherwise, only charge when the utility rates are the lowest (i.e. typically after midnight for Time-of-day metering).



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     Created 21-Mar-2016


I agree.  I have solar and I find myself plugging in and trying to time when I start the charging and stop the charging during daylight.  (e.g. on a Saturday I wait until 11am when I have lots of excess power from the solar panels and I find myself stopping the charge around 6pm when the excess energy is less; then I resume charging on Sunday...same way).  It would be helpful to find a way to automate this some how...maybe by at first a simple start/stop time to charge (during daylight).  But ultimately it would be awesome for the Tesla app to 'talk' to the inverter app (e.g. SolarEdge) to see when there is excess generation or plenty of generation.
    Created 21-May-2016
This is not going to be effective,  unless one uses at least 5-8 Powerwall units.  Each Powerwall can contain 6.7 kWh, which is small in regard of the car battery with 60-90 kWh.


    Created 1-Apr-2016