Wiper service mode if Freezing and Parked



When parked and in cold temperatures, have an option that will automatically put the wipers in service mode in case they freeze to the window.  Release service mode for driving when the wiper and car heater have ensured they are not frozen.


The car already detects when it’s cold but requires user input to put the wipers in service mode (4 user “button pushes” into the menus) if they “expect snow/freezing rain” (see “cold weather best practices” in the users manual).

Automatically putting the wipers in service mode position when the car is in park and below freezing decreases user input needs every time we park.



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     Created 16-Jan-2022

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But isn't is so that the regular parking position of the wipers is the one that will heat the wipers so that they do not freeze, or unfreezes them if the do? Granted, older Teslas might not have it and this would be useful. But not useful on my M3.
    Created 24-Apr-2023