Auto Valet Parking



After exiting the car, the car will drive itself to the parking area and self-locate an empty stall, and park in that stall.


The first stage of this process could be sold as a service offered with restaurant, hotel, casino, etc. to have mapped parking locations for auto parking (3rd party may be required for mapping survey). Once parking locations are mapped at vendor location wifi link to the vehicle on arrival can authorize auto valet to park the vehicle. Once ready to vacate mobile device application could then summon the vehicle to the designated pickup area.

Moderator: Already demonstrated by Tesla – Requires AP2 and validated fully autonomous software. Smart Summon does the inverse of this already.



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     Created 13-Jan-2017

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"And all the stars that never were
Are parking cars and pumping gas"

Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach - demolished by Elon Musk <g>
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