Auto-Tinting Windows



Have windows that auto-tint in bright sunlight.


I have glasses with Photochromic/Transitions Lenses, but they don’t work in cars. With transitions windows, they would tint in bright light but go clear as it gets darker so you still have unobscured vision at night.

This could be used in the front windows as well as the back, especially useful in countries where permanently tinted windows are illegal.

A lot of premium cars now have auto-dipping mirrors so you don’t get blinded while driving at night, maybe something similar could be used in the window glass as well?

Moderator: Photochromic technology is too slow to change in a car. For example, if you are in bright sun with maximum tinting, and go into a tunnel, it might be bad if you can’t see! More promising is SPD-SmartGlass technology, currently used by Mercedes Magic Sky sunroofs on select cars as a $2500 option. It’s not known if this technology can meet all the critical crash and safety requirements for other windows. For example, what happens if it loses power – would the front windshield go black?



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     Created 13-Sep-2015