Auto-Shift from Reverse to Drive after Backing Out



When backing out of the garage or parking space, when the driver stops backing up after a turn, auto-switch to drive (with camera verification that it is the proper move).


Just as we auto-shift from Park in the right direction based on the camera view of surroundings (with a tap on the brake to accept), the distracting screen swipe after backing out of a garage or a parking spot can be avoided.

Un-parking often follows a clear pattern of distance, velocity, braking, and steering angle, and based on these the system could recognize when a vehicle that stops after reversing a short distance is almost certainly intended to proceed forward (especially if the steering angle turns the other way after backing out).

A brake tap, voice input, or scroll wheel could accept the direction change.  The system could use calculated algorithms, or AI from the fleet showing clear patterns of direction shift, and the edge case exceptions to offer only high confidence of shift intention.



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     Created 2-Jan-2024