Auto-open Charge Port at Home



Automatically open the charge port door at a specific GPS location, such as home.


I always charge when I get home, so why not have the car automatically open the charge port door when I park at home? This would be especially helpful for owners with J1772 EVSE equipment instead of Tesla’s since they don’t have a button on the charge plug to open the door (they either have to remember to open the charge port door using the touchscreen, or hold the fob for two seconds).

The charging screen already has location-based UI for setting charge limit, so my suggested implementation is to add a checkbox for “Open charge port door when parking at this location”.

Moderator: With cars built with the auto-closing charge port, a tap on the port door (when the vehicle’s doors are unlocked) will open the port. No buttons needed. Feature described could be useful for older vehicles or those in Europe without push-to-open and without auto-close.



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     Created 31-May-2017


I have an older Model S.  I don't have auto-close.  I'm not opposed to this, as long as it's not automatic (I can disable the feature).

I don't always charge when I get home (sometimes I'm here just for lunch).  To me, the hassle of having to close the port without having charged is just that, a hassle.

Plus, all the times I leave the house, drive a block, and come back because I forgot something, and now, I'd have to remember to close the door as well?

    Created 4-May-2019
The reason I did not vote yes is that my garage opening is very narrow, and if I walk out without charging (as I do during day when electric rates are higher) I'm afraid I would hit the open charging door and damage it.
    Created 3-May-2019
@Buickguy2, did you read the actual suggestion before commenting? J1772 EVSE equipment does not have a button to open the door.
    Created 1-Jun-2017
Many times when I park at home I don't want the charge port door open. Seems easy just to push the "button" on the charge connector.
    Created 31-May-2017