Scheduled Times for Sentry Mode at Home



When home rather than only on or off, also add the ability to schedule active times.


I’d like to have sentry mode at home only overnight as an extra precaution for any suspect activity. The car is parked in a private drive so feel it is quite safe during the day. I’d like the security of sentry mode after dark without having to manually turn it on and off. I feel having sentry mode enabled constantly during the day at home is unnecessary and would just contribute to battery drain.



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     Created 8-Sep-2020


Yes yes yes please. This function would be very easy for Tesla to implement and be very useful. I walk past my car in the garage daily so don't want Security on then, but every night from say 9pm to 6am.  Having to manually turn it on and off is a real pain.  When adding it, can they please add a 7 week schedule so we can also vary it by day and hour. Easy.   This function would save me having to spend a thousand dollars on a security system for my garage which also has my tools and a home battery in it.  Thanks Tesla
    Created 8-Mar-2022
Notice the need every time I come near the car at home....  At home I'd love to have the security on all the time, but it's annoying to have to cut vids of family walking by etc during the day.  Would love to set time range !
    Created 30-Sep-2020