Auto-detect Strongest FM Station



Add an option to automatically detect the strongest station and change when a stronger station is detected.


In Germany many radio stations broadcast on a number of different frequencies as they are not as regionally oriented as the ones in the US. Many German car radio systems automatically detect the strongest signal for the current radio station and switch to that frequency automatically. I listen a lot to “Deutschlandfunk”, a German news station that can be received all over Germany. They broadcast on at least 30 or 40 different frequencies. Impossible to listen to on a longer trip through Germany without that feature.

Many German radio systems have it.



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     Created 12-Oct-2013


This is implemented. There is a setting in the Media app settings to switch to the strongest FM channel. I don't know since which firmware it is implemented, but it is certainly there in 5.9
    Created 27-Mar-2014
I am absolutely backing the original post since it is not only Germany-specific. It's more like hilly-terrain-specific since physics requires a lot of transmitters to reach all valleys with their local channels if there are a lot of hills or even mountains. So in every hilly country which also has national channels, there will be a number of frequencies for the same channel.
    Created 6-Mar-2014
I very much agree with the original poster. Actually, I do listen to "DLF" using cellular/tunein, when possible. However, when distance traveling on the autobahn, cellular is pretty patchy whereas FM can be received virtually everywhere -- if your radio supports hopping the frequencies as required.
    Created 6-Nov-2013
While Germany is a very important market to Tesla, they may not have the resources to develop a feature that is not needed worldwide. If it is possible to stream the station over the cellular connection, then there really wouldn't be much need for the feature.
    Created 22-Oct-2013