Parking Sensor Automatic Brake



When the parking sensors detect a close object that the car may hit while traveling at a very slow speed, automatically apply the brake so the object is not hit. (Collision avoidance is a different feature for higher speeds using the radar).


Currently, the car will warn you if you are too close to an object. However, it will not auto-brake to avoid hitting an object such as a garbage can when going very slow. A few other cars have this feature.

Moderator: One reason this feature might be problematic if the parking sensor fails (which can occur if a large bug hits the sensor or ice buildup). That said, it could be offered with some kind of bypass.



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     Created 25-Dec-2015


While I'm all for keeping things simple, that's not a great reason for not including safety options like this. The concern of false-positives is a valid one, but also one that can be easily handled via 2 mechanisms:

  1. Making the feature able to be opt-out ("safe by default")

  2. Raising an option on the screen to override the auto-break

Especially when already moving slowly at parking speeds, there should be little danger in coming to a full stop unexpectedly, and an override toggle that lasts for, say, 5 minutes, should suffice.

Now, there are definitely cases where I'm in bumper-to-bumper traffic at very slow speeds where this may trigger, but, again, a hard stop that releases as soon as I step on the brake and release it should be perfectly fine.
    Created 2-Jan-2017
I strongly agree, I drove 15,116.0 mile in one trip across the US. I visited 73 superstation and charged over 100 time. I had a dozen close calls while using "Autopilot" Bad name! In total hours, I charged 1 1/2 weeks. A incredible amount of time for anyone traveling. But! during one instance, I had just turned off Autopilot, it was raining and I was making a slow approach to a Red Light. I looked down to see my distance to my next charger, no more than 1-2 Seconds when the car just in front of me stopped sooner than she should have. My car was slowing using the regenative breaking when I hit the car in front. IF! My car had been in adaptive cruise! It would of stopped as it does in traffic! But because I had just turned off all assist. My car sustained in my opinion, a unnecessary impact simply because tesla doesn't have auto breaking turned on. You see other cars using this. AND! Tesla has this operational in cruise control. It's simple software. I incurred thousands of dollars in front end damages just because tesla did not implement a feature already in cruise control.
    Created 1-Jan-2017
the driver can be distracted. This feature would have saved me a tail light lens recently
    Created 1-Aug-2016
I agree with RFBrost.  His observations are overwhelming valid concerns.

Let's face the issue squarely; At some point the driver is responsible for what the vehicle does.  Remember these are not autonomous driving vehicles.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
I have had ice form on my parking sensors when parked. I would hate to have to clear the sensor before I were allowed to proceed. I also have had the branches of a bush trigger the sensor and I wanted to park closer to the bush then the sensor "thought" was safe.
    Created 1-Jan-2016
That feature on Volvo's use a forward looking camera, i.e. MobilEye, not the parking sensors.
    Created 29-Dec-2015
Volvo has this feature.


    Created 26-Dec-2015