Audible Warning for Side Incursions


Now Implemented!


When the vehicle detects a possible side incursion/collision, provide an audible alert in addition to the existing red lines on the display.


It can be especially helpful if two cars are merging to the same lane but the other car is in the right blind spot.


Implemented in version 2019.8.4.

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     Created 30-Jan-2019


In the Model 3 this has been recently solved with the V9.0 (2019.8.4 530d1d3) firmware update.
    Created 2-Apr-2019
In Model 3, there are many alerts and most of them use the same sound. Alerts should be different and made a choice for the user to customise.

E.g. if one of the passengers didn't buckle up, not only confuses you, but removes relevant information for parking as overlaps. Same would happen with AP errors vs alerts.

A quick move should discard an alert
    Created 30-Mar-2019
Seemingly a reasonable recommendation for an alert signal.  However, there are alert signals for other events.  So, the "lateral collision detection arm" goes off, and then I'm thinking, "what the hell is that for?" and wondering what I'm supposed to be looking for rather than simply being attuned to what's around me.  As an example, those who have vehicles with the "blind spot warning" in outside mirrors (with or without an audible) tend to become immune to the signals and find little value in them.
    Created 30-Jan-2019