Center Storage Space


Now Implemented!


Provide storage space under the armrest.


Common in many cars, such as BMW, Mercedes.

Moderator: It may not be possible without major changes due to electronics in this area.


The center console introduced in 2016 in the S and X. It provides considerable hidden storage space, so we’re going to consider this implemented.

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     Created 12-Oct-2013


Center console is not used in a reasonable manner.   Storage for small things is needed in the arm area.    Much better center consoles on Lexus, many others.   I purchased a small leather covered black box to slide under front edge of driver seat.  A whole, pull-out shallow drawer could be there.   Much as I admire the engineering on the car, the center console needs rethinking and a better solution done by someone with aesthetic sense.


    Created 1-Sep-2020
Entire center console from sliding door/flip door and cupholder/armrest needs to be thought out by a good Tesla engineer and designed for storage and use.  This one sucks.
    Created 1-Jul-2020
My Mazda has this!
    Created 31-Oct-2018
The whole middle section seams poorly designed with a lot of wasted space.

The cup holders are positioned so you can't put cups in them because your elbow is there instead. - The 'armrest' has no storage. - The area where the gear stick/hand brake in another car would be is no good for storing anything other than a handbag; as anything put there needs to be taken with you when you leave the car so that it isn't on display to any passing thief.

building a better centre console (that isn't an extra, and is available world-wide) that has enclosed storage, better positioned cup holders and 12v output for charging phones, iPods, etc. would, I am sure, be much appreciated by most prospective buyers.
    Created 1-Dec-2015
Those useless cup holders under your elbow between the front seats ARE storage space.  Small things like gum, etc., fit nicely.
    Created 15-Apr-2014
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    Created 24-Oct-2013