Show Short-term Projected Range



In addition to Rated and Ideal, I think using the average of the last 30 miles or since last charge would be more useful. There is probably enough space to show both the Rated (or Ideal) AND the “projected” based on last 30 miles since the last charge on the screen.


Should be a no cost software improvement.



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     Created 6-Jan-2013


I would like a version of this where I could specify the Wh/mi used to calculate the range, since I never get anywhere near rated much less ideal. Using the number from the past 30 miles would be ok, but I'd rather just enter my average as I know it so that it is a consistent conversion that doesn't get distorted if have recently gone up a long hill or taken a friend on a joy ride. Either that, or just show me the real battery charge in kWh and let me do the mental math. Showing me rated, which I'll never get, is just annoying (actually feels like nagging).
    Created 4-Jan-2014
Ideal Range is about as useful as leprechauns per unicorn.

I agree, the 30-mile projected range should also be an option for the center dash number, and remove ideal.  Who uses that??

This might be a non-issue, if the calculations for rated in 5.8 are now closer to the projected anyway.
    Created 30-Dec-2013
The energy app already provides this information.  Adding it to the dash board isn't a bad idea.
    Created 30-Dec-2013