Allow Different Bluetooth Devices for Phone and Audio



It would be useful to be able to select one bluetooth device for audio and a different one for phone services. The default can be to select the same device, but you should be able to override this. For example, with two people in the car, one person’s phone might be streamed for music, and the other for a phone calls.


I don’t think other cars do this. This may require additional bluetooth hardware and software to resolve which devices to use. Estimated hardware cost is $50 if additional hardware is required.



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     Created 6-Jan-2013


Other car manufactures allow the selection of each profile for each connected bluetooth device, such as Renault. You select Calls for one (main in profile) and Media for the other (e.g. family passenger managing the music).

No cost is required as profile selection is part of the Bluetooth standard
    Created 30-Mar-2019
My BWW i3 with the Bluetooth Professional package does this. Works like a charm.
    Created 11-Jun-2015
also allow to be connectot to more that one device at the time
    Created 5-Oct-2013
My Prius does this because I added an aftermarket Bluetooth audio module. It is a bit of  a pain since I have to manually connect my phone to the Bluetooth audio in order to play music. I don't know if it's possible to really do that though without having a separate Bluetooth interface.
    Created 11-Feb-2013