Auto Wiper Speed Rain-Detect Adjustment


Now Implemented!


As drivers’ tolerance for rain on their windshield varies, it would be good to be able to adjust the “aggressiveness” of the automatic detection for the wipers. Currently, even the second (more aggressive) setting seems to low for many drivers.


Should be a minor software change without cost.


An improvement was made in the 7.1 software to have the automatic rain-detect speed work better. Not a user adjustment, but maybe enough.  More improvements have been made over various versions to make it work better automatically.

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     Created 6-Jan-2013


Even the least frequent intermittent setting is too frequent.  Our local driving conditions include days of very light or misty rain.  I don't need, nor like what goes with a wiper setting that results in unnecessarily frequent wiper swipes.   I have the same criticism of Mercedes auto/intermittent wipers.
    Created 1-Mar-2019
I would simply like the car to lower the initial wipe threshold based on when I press the button to manually wipe once. I don't need a specific button or setting to click - it should be able learn my preference. I think my Model 3 is sitting there like "oh- there's a few drops on the window but not enough to wipe" and I'm like "is it going to wipe for me? I guess I should click the button" and then the car would say "hmmm, this human must not like that level of drops on the front window since he's manually activated it several time so I will do it for him next time". That's my idea of how the car can learn if you repeatedly need to manually wipe.
    Created 6-Nov-2018
20 year old Cadillacs can do this.
    Created 22-Oct-2015
And the ability to use the old-fashioned 'intermittent' setting. Auto-wipers tend to drive me nuts unless it is raining fairly heavily, in which case I use the 'constant' setting.
    Created 1-Sep-2015
Sorely needed. The wipers have been the only sore spot in my Tesla experience. The persistent smear across the driver's line of sight has been an issue since delivery.
    Created 31-Mar-2015
The wipers can also run more slowly at a stop light like on any BMW for years...
    Created 11-Jan-2015
Agreed, the high speed needs to kick in sooner during downpours.  I find myself having to kick it up manually.
    Created 30-Dec-2013
I don't view needed adjustments/corrections to the sensitivity of the auto wiper features as something  customers should have to pay for.
    Created 17-Mar-2013
Still needs adjustment after 4.2.  Snow was accumulating last week on the screen too much before automatic wiper kicked in.  Never had issues like this in BMWs.

    Created 10-Mar-2013
As of the latest 4.2 update (I received it on 1/25/13), it seems they've made the wipers more sensitive (though not adjustable).
    Created 26-Jan-2013