Camera Recording when Alarm


Now Implemented!


When the alarm goes off, save video from the front (AP) camera and rear camera for one minute before and after the event.

It might capture the vandal hitting or breaking into your car. Having the video and notice sent to the mobile app or e-mail address would be a huge plus.

Perhaps even having the accelerometers (if any) in the car listen for hits to the car. Maybe even have the ultrasonic sensors on too.


This would have been great for the person who backed into my car, dented the bumper, and took off. If my rear camera had been recording, I would have known who it was by the license plate.

Moderator: A dashcam would solve this today on any vintage Tesla. See our Ultimate Dashcam Guide for more details.

The current in-car cameras (AP1 and AP2) are not all that well suited for this purpose – as all but the rear camera is monochrome, and the frame rate of the front camera (at least with AP1) is a non-standard 36-fps. The resolution on all AP cameras is also not all that high, but perhaps better than nothing.


New Sentry mode records two side cameras and a front camera (Spring 2019).  Later the rear camera was added for a total of 4 cameras recording.  Requires HW2.5 or later, or MCU2 upgrade with HW3.0 AP processor.

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     Created 29-Jan-2017


+1 cTimmerman, Erik de Bruijn, John Arao
    Created 2-Oct-2017
It would also be helpful if the car would send a notification to the phone app so that you can rush out to the car to see if you can find who hit your car.
    Created 1-Mar-2017
The Model S, X and 3's will have between 4 and at 8 camera's.

Round-robin (loop) recording and only stopping to overwrite makes a lot of sense, so you can also catch on video the exact event that triggers the alarm.
    Created 6-Feb-2017
Yes. Normally in such a system, the camera is always collecting video in a buffer, in this case at least 1 minute long.

So when an event happens, you have in that buffer the video from at least 1 minute before, and then you continue to collect one more minute of video, which you then store and forward to an e-mail address. This is how black boxes work in planes and cars.

Of course this video collecting would only be turned ON when the operator selects tells it to when arming the alarm system, otherwise it would be a drain on the battery.
    Created 1-Feb-2017
"... for one minute before and after the event.".

    Created 1-Feb-2017