Alarm Sends Remote Notification


Now Implemented!


Currently the Model S alarm/security system only starts sound and light on the car itself. A connected car like the Model S should also inform the owner when an alarm was triggered, e.g., via text message, synthetic phone call and/or smartphone app.




Implemented in an app update in 2015.

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     Created 24-Oct-2013


When will this be implemented in the Android app??
    Created 8-Sep-2015
And show camera framegrabs in the App!
    Created 27-Jan-2015
    Created 29-Nov-2014
I believe it is implemented in 6.0 with the mobile app 2.0
    Created 16-Sep-2014
Agreed. I called in a similar recommendation to the User Experience.  Ideally there should be security functions integrated with the mobile app where you could set it to receive push notifications for a variety of things such as alarm activation, entry, and vehicle movement (positioning & tilting). This would be an excellent enhancement and should be very easy to implement strictly through software.
    Created 3-Sep-2014
Via the phone app, the owner could verify that the care is still locked and silence the alarm. Or better yet lock the perpetrator in the care and call the authorities. ;->
    Created 31-Dec-2013
I agree 100% Most people don't care about a car alarm going off these days, unless it actually disturbs them. Getting a notification from your own car that the alarm has gone off, on the other hand..... :-)
    Created 31-Oct-2013
I believe it is easy for Tesla and very helpful for us
    Created 24-Oct-2013