Air Suspension for Model 3/Y



Add an air suspension option similar to the Model S/X.


We live in Oakland CA where the roads are often like a minefield, particularly after road repairs. Our 2014 MS has the air suspension option, but our M3 has a coil. I hope that Tesla will offer an air suspension retrofit to loyal customers. Will greatly aid my back.

Moderator: Very doubtful for a retrofit – requires a different frame from the coil version at least on the Model S.


An air option was originally planned at the time of AWD, but it looks like that has been abandoned (as of Jun-2021).

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     Created 2-Jul-2018

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I too prefer a much smoother ride option, and even the current air suspension has room for improvement on the S/X.  The air suspension is more geared to selection of height than providing an "air" smooth ride.  This is top in my list of features that I hope Tesla improves.
    Created 8-Aug-2018