Guest Profile Option



Offer a guest profile (different than valet) where the owner can preset options and enable/disable specific features and options.


When you let other people drive your Tesla, a general “Guest” Profile that we can lock out and/or set features in the car we do not want changed. For example, say you let your best friend drive your Model S/X/3 for the day. To protect the car a bit more, you set the car into the Guest Profile, the guest profile had settings locked in it for the dynamic air suspension to ride high or auto. this way when the best friend drives the car, you will not need to worry about him scuffing bottom of the car. Features/operation includes:

  • Gives the owner full access to each and every setting in the car (not just some as it currently is). All settings should be saved to that profile.
  • Allow the owner to set a password for each profile so other people can not change that profile’s settings without the PIN.
  • Require a PIN to select the profile (if the profile user request a PIN to select it)
  • Allow activation/deactivation from the smartphone Tesla app.
  • Have settings to limited top speed, and allow for each and every setting in the car including ON/OFF/DISABLED/DEFAULT.



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     Created 14-Dec-2017


I would like this as well for guests or young drivers. Valet is too restrictive for things like frunk access, but I would like top speed to be configurable (maybe 5 mph over speed limit or 45 mph default, whichever is higher - or just a selectable max). Avoid making permanent changes to the car settings, unique drive PIN, forced security features and possibly link to that individuals Tesla account for routine use. For me not best friends but family who need a car when visiting... You gotta trust family, 😂
    Created 7-Jul-2022
If you don't trust a friend enough to not scuff the underside of the car, don't let them drive it. There's lots of other things to hit that will cause more damage. If you have sufficient distrust for one function, then valet mode is best.
    Created 29-Mar-2018