Range Adjusted by Weather



Have an option so the range indicator is adjusted by the current weather.  Very cold or hot weather should reduce the shown range by some percent.


We all know the driving range displayed is often fantasy. Here in New England, wintertime conditions mean I’ll realize maybe 40% fewer miles than what the display shows due to heating the car. In summer it’s almost as much due to air conditioning load. When starting out on a journey, no matter the distance, I take note of how many miles remain in the battery and if I’ll need recharging…but first I must factor in the weather. It’s a nuisance to do and unnecessary if I could manually touch a % derate button. Better still, automate it to the outside temperature, but with a fine-tune control.



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     Created 3-May-2023


Hmmm... I thought that weather, ie. temperature, was already taken into account by the computer.
    Created 1-Sep-2023
The "range" displayed is essentially a gage of battery power remaining.  Your choice is to display "range" or "%".  Thinking of it that way causes me to think that I don't want some software foozling with what's actually available.
    Created 1-Aug-2023
Depending on temperature, amount of rain and other variables, rain can increase rolling resistance by up to 40% which would have a noticeable impact on actual range …
    Created 2-Jul-2023
Not exactly in the overall range indicator, but this is included in navigation range calculations.


    Created 1-Jun-2023