Reduce AP Speed Before Speed Limit Change



When driving on AP, and coming up to a speed reduction due to a sign or database point, reduce the speed so that you are at the lower speed when you pass the speed limit sign.


If I leave a high-speed area going into a lower speed area, the AP waits a few seconds to decrease the speed. This results in exceeding the speed limit for some short duration and increases the risk of getting a ticket.



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     Created 7-Nov-2019

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that indeed something that is completely wrong

you can anticipate the speed change 70>50 , so you can nicely slow down before the speed limit board, as indead in some countries you can get verbalised one meter beyond the speed limit board...

also it surprised me the camera's don't pick up the speed limit boards and the wrong databases are used to indicate the speed limit so he shows 70 in placed that are changed already years in 50...

even worse, as you tick on the ACC, the tesla speeds up to that 70 km/h instead of the 50km/h and just on the most critical place you can get verbalised (during road works fe..) you are speeding due to your ACC flaw...

the reverse happens also, leaving the speedlimit 50>70 you see the speed change, but there he does not tick up the speed, its a manual adjustment to make. On MBB its two clicks upwards (each click =10km/h) on the Tesla its a scroll. As i can't read the screen without spectacles... i have to guess if he is up to the right speed or not... a little bigger letters would be nice... for that crucial topic..
    Created 29-Jul-2020