Audio Selection/Favorites Saved with Driver Profile



Have listening preferences, favorites, and last playing source/song connected to the driver’s profile.  The last audio source and selected streaming service selected should also be saved. For streaming services, it should support unique logins for different drivers as well.


When you get in the car your music is all set and playing, and when your significant other gets in the car they’ll have their favorite music playing.



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     Created 13-Apr-2017


I’d be happy if it didn’t come on at full volume sometimes.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
I'd be happy if the music simply didn't start by itself after I had "paused" it. Often I return to the vehicle, open the door and discover the music system has "un-paused" itself while I was gone and is playing a totally different song than when I left--sometimes even a different "favorites" station.
    Created 1-Jul-2018
This was a feature in my 2000 Chrysler 300M, 2004 Mercedes E500, and 2014 Subaru Outback.  The Tesla should be able to do far better than that.

    Created 3-Dec-2017