Side Camera View Onscreen


Now Implemented!


Add the ability to see the side camera view to assist with parking


This would be particularly useful in backing out of tight parking slots either in garages or parking lots. Once the car begins to reverse out of a spot, the rear camera gives no view of adjacent cars or obstructions like posts or concrete dividers. Being able to switch views could prevent a lot of scrapes and dings. I’ve had several of these in other cars.


Implemented in mid-2020.

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     Created 22-Dec-2019


This was added this week 7/20/2020 when my Model 3s were updated to 2020.24.6.9. Nice add.
    Created 24-Jul-2020
Sad we heard no more about this following EM twitter comment. Really would have been useful since the cars are wider than the average European car, so the garage openings and parking spaces are pretty tight.
    Created 1-Jul-2020
If video processing is an issue, limit this to parking speeds.  Would be extremely useful in tight spaces/parking garages.  Do the best you can with what you have.
    Created 9-Apr-2020
I absolutely agree! The cameras are there, allow me to display them!
    Created 5-Feb-2020
360º view even better.
    Created 4-Jan-2020