Hill Hold Feature


Now Implemented!


Pretty simple…perfect for EV controls: if I put the car in D it means do NOT go backward, even if I’m on a hill, strong wind or big fat guys are trying to push my car in a direction I do not want it to go!


Pretty common in other cars.


Available with version 5.9+ software.  On older cars, it is only available for a few seconds due to hardware limitations. With newer Tesla vehicles, it also activates the brakes so there is no time limit.  Hill hold is easier to activate when Creep mode is off.

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     Created 13-Jan-2013


This definitely does not work at the moment on 2013 S85. “Hill mode” should not need any level of automation. Car in drive - don’t allow it to travel backwards. Car in reverse - do not allow it to travel forward.
    Created 11-May-2019
Simpler: if the car's velocity is less than ~10 km/h and no pedals are pressed, bring the car to a stop. I think maybe the Model S/X may already do this, but the Model 3's regen braking can only slow it down to a crawl but not a complete stop. The car should use conventional brakes to bring the car to a stop from a slow speed when no pedals are pressed.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
This all works great on my 2018 MS, without any special effort, just make sure to come to a complete stop and the car won’t move whether stopped pointing uphill or downhill, until you touch the accelerator.

I believe this is conditional on turning off “Creep Mode”, which I recommend everyone learn to do, give up on that ICE behavior, use strong regen, and convert to one-pedal driving, all better options for an EV.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
The car should not be able to go backwards when "D" is selected and should not be able to go forwards when "R" is selected.
    Created 30-Mar-2018
I would like Hill-Hold to work both in uphill (car pointed up) and downhill.
    Created 29-Mar-2018
We already have hill hold.  One should always depress the brake to command the car to come to a complete stop. This should be included when the car is fully autonomous, but I can't imagine a safe situation where the driver will not command the car to come to a stop in any situation without depressing the brake.
    Created 29-Mar-2018
I wouldn't call this implemented. It works momentarily, but then quickly rolls downhill in both D and R.
    Created 19-Mar-2015
Similarly,  if in Reverse don't roll forward (this happens when backing out of a steep driveway).
    Created 2-Dec-2013
My Nissan Leaf, an EV that costs 1/3 of the Model S, does this perfectly.  But then again, it also has a heated steering wheel and guidelines on the backup camera. ;-)
    Created 26-Nov-2013
I drive in San Francisco a lot and this feature would be highly desirable for me.
    Created 18-Jun-2013
By Volkswagen the hill hold feature is realized by the parking breaks. You put the parking break in and if you step on the gas it's automatically released and you can drive away. I think that's possible through a simple software update, like the creep mode. I think the creep even does some sort of hill hold if the hill is not to steep.
    Created 27-Mar-2013
George Blankenship mentioned that they are working on it. It's in the same category as creep, which was added by software update after the first cars were already delivered. I wonder what takes them so long, but it is my understanding that this is a punch list/due bill item rather than a desired feature.
    Created 27-Mar-2013