Autopilot Merge Improvement


Now Implemented!


When others are merging into your lane, provide an option to better allow a car to merge into your lane while remaining on AP.


EAP and TACC do not often leave enough room for merging traffic or recognize turn signals of those wishing to change lanes in front of the Tesla. The driver often has to disengage AP to create a safer situation.

While we are waiting for full self-driving, it would be great to allow the driver to tell the AP to “Let them in”, when approaching a merge situation or a driver in front who wants to change lanes safely in front of you.

This would be a good way to add more data to indicate the driver’s intentions into the neural net!


As of mid-2021, merging has evolved to work quite well automatically.  We’re going to consider this implemented.

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     Created 4-Aug-2020

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I usually just zip the speed wheel to lower the automatic speed a bit to create a gap, then zip back the other way.
    Created 28-May-2021