Display Park Assist on Main Display


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Duplicate the Park Assist information that appears in the instrument cluster on the main display.


The park assist system activates when moving at speeds below 5 mph (8 km/h). When in Drive, the park assist graphics are displayed on the instrument cluster only. This display is fairly small, and if chime is selected off, this will be the only warning to the driver about obstacles in close proximity. When parking the spokes on the steering wheel is often blocking an unrestricted view of the park assist graphics. Therefore, the graphics are not always noticed when in Drive with the current implementation.

The duplicate Park assist display should be fitted to the lower half of the 17″ display to get full attention from the driver about obstacles in close proximity (same way as for reverse). The driver should be allowed to remove the display in order to operate the app that was present before the display of the Park assist display, by pressing X in the top left corner of the graphics.

Recommend the activation of the park assist system to be initiated when reducing speed in Drive to below 8 mph (12 km/h) to allow the system to be fully functional during conditions where the car is coming to a stop. The threshold needs to be higher when reducing speed, compared to the threshold for deactivation when accelerating beyond 5 mph (8 km/h).


Implemented around 2016.

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     Created 4-Jan-2016


Already exists, select the camera and go full screen, this will show the sensors all around the car (better than the instrument cluster that toggles between front and rear).
    Created 10-Feb-2016
It would have to be user select-able because every time you slowed below 5mph the display would change, it doesn't work in heavy traffic for my liking.
    Created 13-Jan-2016