Current Location as Favorite


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Provide an option to save the current location into the list of Favorite nav locations (beyond Home and Work).


I’m not sure what the exact GPS term is, but on my old Garmin GPS, I was able to push the screen at a current location to create a new favorite place. I would love to be able to do that in my Tesla.

This is available in many in-car and stand-alone GPS products.


Implemented in v10 software. Press and hold the spot on the map, and a small dialog appears. You can then navigate to or save that spot as a favorite by tapping the star.

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     Created 28-Apr-2014


And same for work/ home locations. The address isn't my actual work location and the address isn't searchable. So I'd want to do a "hard press" and save as work.
    Created 20-Jun-2018
@JVU,  what I'm suggesting is a little different. I do create a favorite from a destination, but I'd like to be able to create a pinpointed favorite from a current, not navigated, location. I often am somewhere that I haven't entered into the map but that I wind up, or pass by, that I'd like to save. I don't want to have to know the address or store name to create a favorite.

An example is my eye doctor. The GPS location is actually very wrong. It's about 1/4 mile off, in the WRONG direction off a highway. But I know where it is, so I'd like to be able to just press the screen when I am at the office to save it.
    Created 12-May-2014
You can do this already in a way. Enter a destination in by text or voice, select it to navigate to, click the checkered flag to see the destination on the map, then click to add as a favorite. Has the advantage of see exactly what address you are adding, rather than just clicking the map or saying add current location, which could be off from your actual target.
    Created 3-May-2014