Climate Options On Bottom Control Bar



Offer select climate controls, such as seat heaters and defrost to be available as choices to appear on the bottom control bar by user choice.


I used the seat heaters and defrost much more than any other button on the control panel, and now they are gone from the bottom with the latest UI.  They need to be added as options, as they are much more useful than all the junk that’s currently offered to add to the bottom row.

Moderator: Note that some controls on MCU-Z-equipped vehicles, like rear defrost and seat heaters now have an automatic mode.  Not quite the same, but may reduce the need for single-button access for some owners.



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     Created 26-Jan-2022


Looks like they added it in 2022.12.1 !!!
    Created 13-Apr-2022
On a related note, I discovered this morning that the rear defrost will come on automatically if the full climate system is on.  This is the only car I've ever had that does this which is pretty nice although I agree returning the always available button would be nice.  For the seat heaters, I've taken to using voice command much more which is actually even better as I don't have to look down at all.
    Created 27-Jan-2022