Add Vehicle User Manual to the Phone App


Now Implemented!


Add access to the vehicle manual to the phone app.


It is more comfortable to read the manual on the phone or in the iPad, but since features might change with the firmware updates, it’s kinda annoying to find the right manual for a specific model in a specific software version.

An option in the menu with the car manual would be great, especially if it has a share button to read on a tablet or computer.

Moderator: While not in the phone app, you can read any owner manual PDF on a phone or PC.  See our list of manual links.


Implemented in the app version 4.1.0.  Access via the Service tab.

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     Created 1-Jan-2019


And the release notes too. This will increase the number of people reading these for those who don't take the time in the car to do it.
    Created 9-Feb-2021
In car manual has a strange navigation UI...  I find I can't search and get to what it said is there!

    Created 2-Dec-2019

Reading the manual in the car is just a pain.  Would be nice to be able to access via Tesla website as well.

i sit at my desk with free time more often then I sit in the car with free time, and my desk chair is more comfortable, since it’s not confined to the limits of being in a car.
    Created 31-Jan-2019
Not only add it to the phone app, but also add it to the website after you logon.  There is so much information in there, it is easier to view and review it on-line on a computer.
    Created 30-Jan-2019