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I occasionally drive for Uber and staring at the little screen on my phone while the big screen shows a beautiful large map is annoying. Either through screen mirroring or a specific app built for Teslas from Uber would be a great help. This would also improve navigation as the Tesla very rarely loses site of the GPS satelites whereas the phone loses site quite often.


This shouldn’t be much more than a software update to allow Android (or iPhone) apps to work on the car or to allow screen mirroring.

Moderator: Actually adding app capability or screen mirroring is a nightmare in security and dealing with vehicle regulations. Still we are hopeful Tesla will open the system up to apps.



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     Created 3-Nov-2015

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I couldn't handle downtown Seattle any longer, so I quit Uber.  This can be deleted (if possible).  If Tesla ever implements the robo-taxi service, this obviously wouldn't be necessary.
    Created 1-Sep-2020