Volume Compression Option



Offer an option to reduce the dynamic range of an audio source.


Podcasts make for great listing on long trips. But unlike broadcast radio, which has a squashed dynamic range, podcasts vary greatly in volume between the louder and softer parts. EV road noise is relatively low, but still often one really has to blast the volume to be able to catch all the words in the softer passages. It would be great to have a compressor option for voice playback which would even out the louder and softer phrases so that all are intelligible without having to run the volume so loud.

Moderator: The mid-2021 Model S/X offers a much quieter cabin, and may reduce the need for compression.



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     Created 26-Dec-2019

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It would be great if we'd also have the ability to compress the dynamic range for music. Listening to classical music in just about any car is difficult. Since the dynamic range is frequently quite wide – which is great for a quiet listening environment – softer passages can disappear, while (especially sudden) louder ones knock you out of the room. If we're on a smooth, recently paved street or road doing 35 or 40 this usually isn't necessary, but once we're headed down the expressway doing 70 or more, dynamic compression would be helpful.
    Created 1-Jan-2021