Adaptive Regen



Turn off regen when there is no one in front of the car (i.e. coast).


I had Model S P85D after our Model X. Now I have BMW IX3 and the adaptive regeneration I would like to have on Tesla models. Basically when the road is empty zero regain, when there is a car front, when there is a stop sign or car front it will regenerate and slow down the car. Actually, this s the setting I use with BMW. I can also adjust it to low or high region but with this feature, you won’t need anything.

Moderator: Since this reduces range and efficiency, it seems unlikely Tesla would do this.



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     Created 2-May-2023


I really like this idea. My sisters Chevy Volt has multiple levels of regen, it has a paddle behind the steering wheel to press for more regenerative braking. I love driving with that feature, except I hate driving her car in general. If there was a way to call out one of the steering wheel buttons to apply more regen, that would be awesome.
    Created 2-Nov-2023
Zero regen is a proven hypermiling technique and sure beats fumbling with the shift lever to delicately put the car into Neutral.
    Created 1-Jul-2023
Not interested.  Suggestion has no value.
    Created 3-May-2023