Accident/Road Debris Avoidance



When Self Driving, automatically identify accidents and road debris for avoidance and logging to notify local emergency services and road crews.


Use the sensors of the car to locate and tag debris on the road through GPS coordinates and send that data to the city road crew of the local government. This has the benefit of saving the environment by causing less pollution to be emitted by city services by updating with exact locations and not a guess of where a hazard is on the road.

With V2V communications, the same data could alert nearby cars too.

The same system could also be used to notify emergency services to an accident with a filtering system alert the driver through the display to answer a simple yes or no question ie. if emergency services are present select yes or in case of debris is it there or has it been removed and the data can be sent to cars on the network to alert the scene is clear.

Emergency services could also use the system to push alerts from Amber alerts to severe weather bulletins or quite possibly a nuke strike. The last ones an exaggeration (I HOPE). The other option is when more self driven cars start hitting the road they could link up to surrounding cars and essentially create a moving chevron pattern by turning all the indicators on at the same time to alert to conditions ahead helping to reduce accidents. I know it is long post but if it saves a life then the time was worth writing this post.


Moderator: Common vehicle communication systems are in development by the US government. The objective is to create a universal hardware, communication and protocols standards that would work across all makes of vehicles and offer much of what is described above.

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     Created 29-Jan-2018


I have issues with Roadkill. Its bad enough that the skunk is already dead, I don't need to keep smearing it into the pavement...
    Created 3-Mar-2020
Those of us with harsh winters would appreciate if potholes were included in this feature request. There are some roads on which I can't use Auto-Steer solely because I'd wreck my alignment (or worse) due to all the potholes. Auto-Steer should glide (smoothly!) away from the center of the lane (but should not cross any lane boundaries) to avoid potholes. All the better if it auto-reports the hazard to a local DPW for patching.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
I'd be happy if it just detected debris and didn't run into/over it. I had to replace my front bumper after driving on autopilot and hitting a large piece of tractor tire retread.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
Having a simple, immediately accessible means to flag a moment in time and location, would be great.

Then, couple that with access to the vehicle logs, sensor raw data, and the ability to contact outside agents and give the data to them - or at least ID the on-board snapshot for later use.

Then, the driver can flag driving hazards, vehicle malfunctions, and so on. If the driver can also tag that with some contextual data - say a voice description or even a menu choice - recipients of the data can use it.

Nav systems can update their routing info and first responders can be summoned. Unusual driving situations can be flagged for the AP design team. And stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

    Created 1-Dec-2018